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My name is Jennifer Sunderhaus and I am a Wraparound Facilitator with Integrated Supports & Facilitation. In my free time you can find me enjoying time with my family at my teenage daughter's sporting events or spending time in a pool or at the beach. I also enjoy music, movies, going for walks, taking drives,  and shopping at thrift stores. 

My Story

I received by Bachelors of Science in Psychology from IUPUC and by MBA in Healthcare Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. I began working with youth and families in 2008 as a case manager in a therapeutic day treatment program and provided home-based case management for CMHC for about 4 years. In the day treatment program. I partnered with the schools to provide groups focused on social skills, coping skills, managing emotions in stressful situations, making connections with teachers and peers, etc. I also worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a PRN mental health specialist in the residential treatment program that focused on DBT groups. While PRN at Children’s I transitioned from direct care to the Wraparound Program and began partnering with youth and families. I have a passion for advocating for others to ensure a person’s voice is heard. I have enjoyed partnering with youth and families and look forward to continuing to meet new people and making new connections in which I am able to learn and grow with. Getting to partner with youth and families in a program in which I fully believe in is what drives me to do what I do each day. 

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