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Important Info

How do I get started with Wraparound?

Wraparound is a process that is focused on generating hope and empowerment to families for youth who have serious emotional disturbances. The purpose of this process is to provide intensive home-based and community services that are consistent with the 10 Wraparound principles.  Furthermore, Wraparound Facilitation allows us to work alongside  You and those relevant people who have a strong commitment to the your Family's well-being. We will help facilitate to achieve this by integrating informal, formal, and community supports and service relationships. 

For further guidance, please use this checklist to determine if you should apply:

The following criteria must be met in order to apply for Wraparound:

  • Child/youth must be 6-17 years of age

  • Child/youth must live in the community

  • Child must be eligible for Indiana Medicaid

  • Child must have *two qualifying mental health diagnosis

    • *an assessment will be completed to determine eligibility ​​

Child Advocates is now the singular access point for referrals. Families, community members, youth, and schools may submit a referral. You may submit a referral doing the following:

1. By calling 211 - ask for "Wraparound Referral"  and your call will be appropriate routed. 

2. Follow this link or scan this QR code to access the Wraparound Portal directly. 


Broaden Diversity & Support

  • Family Voice and Choice

  • Individualized

  • Strengths-Based

  • Natural Supports

  • Collaboration

  • Unconditional Care

  • Community-Based

  • Culturally Competent

  • Team-Based

  • Outcome-Based

Quality Practices are Valued

  1. ​Grounded in a Strength's Perspective​​​​​​ - rather than focusing on deficits or behaviors, we will strive to hone in on individual strengths of the youth/family and other team members.

  2. Grounded in Underlying Needs - we understand that behaviors are communicating an unmet need. We will work diligently to understand and meet the underlying needs.

  3. Wraparound is a Team Approach. We value and emphasize the importance of integrating formal and informal supports. 

  4. Wraparound is Determined by Families. We will follow the motto of Access, Voice, and Ownership.We want you feel empowered every step of the way! 


Engagement + Support (30 days)

Team Prepratoin

Phase 1

Let's work together! 

Development of Initial Plan - 

Phase 2

Brainstorming time! 

Plan Implementation will require the team to meet monthly to discuss progress and any needed changes to the plan

Phase 3 

Let's meet and Review Progress! 

The process has encouraged empowerment and the family can start to utilize informal and natural supports within their home, in school, and the community


Let's celebrate! 

Heart & Hands

\ We Will Partner with You! 



Upon receiving your referral information, your chosen Wraparound Facilitator will reach out to you via telephone within two business days to set-up a visit with you. Following that, we will meet with you, given your comfort level, either in person or virtually at a location of your choosing.


Wraparound Facilitation is not effective without gathering your Family Story. It is integral to the process. We will work, first hand, with you and a variety of other sources to elicit your Underlying Strengths, your Underlying Needs via a Team Process where your values, culture, traditions, and beliefs are valued and fully integrated into the process. Your Wraparound Facilitator will help you identify important Natural Supports, community members, or other valued individuals to make up your team.  

With your Wraparound Facilitator, you will work together to develop a Crisis Safety Plan that will outline triggers, potential crisis, action steps, and those responsible in the event there is an immediate need to provide protection around the behavior.  This will help you get through the time period prior to the first team meeting. 


Your Wraparound Facilitator will work with you to develop a Family Vision to help establish outcomes, what you hope to strive for in the future, and it guides the Wraparound process. From there, conversations, brainstorming sessions, and other pertinent group conversations will be held to develop a Plan of Care. Remember - Plans fail, families do not! 

\ Family Story

Heart & Hands
Heart & Hands

\ Initial Crisis & Safety Plan

\ Life Will Be Better When ...

Heart & Hands


Choice is the foundation of our company. ​You can make a choice in who your Wraparound Facilitator is, who is a part of your Child & Family Team Meetings, where/when you would like to meet, etc. If, at any point, you are unhappy with your Wraparound Provider or any other provide on your plan of care, please let us know and we will work to facilitate a change. 

Please remember: High-Fidelity Wraparound is a voluntary program. It is the family's responsibility to ensure they are committed to weekly check-in calls and monthly meetings. Your Wraparound Facilitator will do as much as they can to accommodate work schedules, school schedules, and any other schedule constraints that may impact regular contact. 

Privacy Notice

We provide Wraparound Facilitation services in the following counties: Bartholomew, Boone, Decatur, Delaware, Grant, Fayette, Franklin, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Howard, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan, Ripley, Shelby, and Tipton, Union, Wayne, 

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